12 Days of Christmas Demos!

Well, I have been wanting to do the 12 Days of Christmas demos for a couple of years, I absolutely love getting ready a head start on my Christmas gifts! I have gotten together with Julie at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics, and we are excited to start these Christmas Demos in July!

Here are the dates…

Day 1 July 12th, Day 2 July 26th, Day 3 August 9th, Day 4 August 23rd, Day 5 September 13th, Day 6 September 27th, Day 7 October 11th, Day 8 October 25th, Day 9 November 1st, Day 10 November 15th, Day 11 December 6th and Day 12 December 13th.

These Demos are still 10-15 minutes long and I will still be teaching from 11:00-200 pm the only difference will be…we will not be showing you the project ahead of time. You can trust us…we promise to make each one fun, unique and exciting. But just like many things at Christmas time, we want this to be a surprise for you!

We also will be doing a drawing for a Gift Basket full of Quilting treasures (over a $150.00 value ). Each day you come… you can enter your name in the jar, so if you come teach each class…you would have your name in there 12 times, that definitely would improve your odds of winning 🙂

We will pick the winner on the last Day of Christmas, which is the 13th…you don’t have to be present to win.

We are so excited to share this series of demos with you, please come join in the fun! There will be lots of specials to go with it, so you won’t want to miss it!

We will announce it and give out punch cards starting with my demo this month on Wednesday June 28th, 11:00 till 2:00.



Some times Life is tough!

Yesterday I ended up at the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office having both of my knees looked at. I totally forgot to talk to him about my elbow, which has really been hurting lately. It seems like a new problems kees coming up since this accident in June. The last few months my elbow and my knees have been getting worse. My knees scare me the most… because it is so hard to go up the stairs and get off the floor when I get down. The last couple of weeks it has gotten worse fast …and so I knew I had to go have it checked out.

The Doctor after seeing  x rays and checking my knees, said that he had seen this often after someone had an accident. So he immediately he said I need to get a MRI done on both knees, so that we can determine what is going on for sure.

I have to admit I got into the car and almost cried. Now I am not sure why exactly, I wasn’t hurting any worse than I was when I went in, but I guess I was discouraged that I might have to have something else done that is going to lay me up for awhile or that the pain might get worse before it gets better, plus to be totally honest with you…I am tired of hurting and tired of going to Dr appointments. ( sorry for the whining )

But when I was talking to my kids about it tonight, one of them sent me this sweet talk ( you can read it in the link below ) and reminded me that everything happens for a reason and that it just means I have some more growing to do. What a blessing to have my sweet kids be grown up now and re-teaching me  and re-reminding me of what I taught them when they grew up.

So tonight, I just feel grateful to be a Mom, and I think I had better continue to keep making these tissue holders…just in case I or someone else might need them!

Good Night dear friends!



New Machine and a wedding gift!

You might be wondering what these two things have in common?  Well. I am working on both of them starting today!  I am excited about this little Janome machine and can’t wait to see if it will be a good back up machine for me. I also remembered today that I never finished a belated Wedding Gift for a friend, so here it is. What do you think? I need to make one of these for myself, I never have a pot holder/hot pad big enough for my large cooking dishes. I usually just end up putting down a kitchen towel or 2 miss matched potholders, hoping to save my table!


So if you are looking for a quick and easy project, this is it…because it is a Quilt As You Go project. I love this fabric by Michael Miller, and I am hoping she will love it too!

I have made 4 projects today on this machine and so far so good…I will continue to testing it and let you know how I like it!

Hope you are still creating dear friends, when you do…send me some photos!

Good Night,


P.S. I will be teaching demos twice this month, Tuesday March 21st I will be teaching at Circa 15 11:00 -2:00 pm, then I will be teaching Friday March 24th at Gossypium http://www.gossypiumquilt.com/ 11:00 -1:00 pm ( I am really excited about teaching there for the 1st time ). Come if you can!


Sweet blanket for a Sweet Baby!

I finally finished this sweet, soft and comfy baby blanket. It was a fun new stitch and it made up beautifully. How grateful I am for my sweet Grandmother, who didn’t give up on me …when I kept getting frustrated because I wasn’t do so well with holding the yarn and the crochet hook.

She was so encouraging to me and very patient. I will be forever grateful for her sharing her talents with me. It truly has been a blessing in my life!

So remember to share your talents with others, because it truly can change their lives for the better!

Good Night dear friends!


The perfect gift from the heart!

Today was a great day at the Quilt Shop. We had a lot of ladies turned out and I think like me…they liked the Heart Pot Holder! I just wanted to make the project a heart because it’s February, but most of all because I love hearts and I love having something to give from my heart!
They were so fun to make and I can’t wait sharing them throughout this year! If you would like to learn how to make them, you can stop by the shop and get a handout or email me. I love sharing any gift giving ideas with others!

Good Night dear friends!



Start each day with a grateful heart. Created with shiny reflective gold foil on a satin-finish white cardstock. Click here to purchase the gold frame.

No one could ever have enough baskets!

Most of my life, my Mom was frustrated because I had a lot of my craft supplies in bags all over my room, yes… I even did crafts in my room, shocking I know:) I tried to remind  her often that I wasn’t messy, but that I was just CREATIVE!  I don’t think that she ever believed that though.
How I wish I had discovered  how to make these cute Fabric Bags…then I am sure if I had these cute baskets with all my things organized in it…she might have thought differently about my IMPORTANT STUFF!


But my Mom would have be thrilled that my kids( her grand kids ) that are creative and they are organized.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”:
Good Night dear friends!


Every Season should be celebrated!

Now I have always been a big on decorating for the different seasons and now I am even celebrating the seasons by sewing for my granddaughter’s dolls. Look how cute this outfit looks on this sweet doll.


My favorite was the inside of the cape, I used some of my favorite Halloween prints to piece together for it. I also love the buttons on the dress and the detailed rosettes on her hat.

I guess I really like living here …because of the seasons! I love decorating for each season and how my grandchildren like to decorate with me. Being able to share my love for the seasons with them and all the lessons that seasons and life bring with it.

Good Night dear friends!

Life is unpredictable.                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Table runners are the best!


I have to say that I love Table Runners, it wasn’t till I got into quilting that I really ever heard about them. I think we just mostly had table clothes when I was growing up. This table runner was one that I made for work  ( I taught it and how to make the wobbly block at my Demo class ). I love Halloween and I thought this cute spider runner would be perfect for the season! So if you feel overwhelmed in making a big project, why don’t you lay it aside for a little bit and make a fun table runner for whatever season it is. If you need some cute table runner ideas, let me know…I have a few 🙂

It’s appropriate that I showed you a table runner tonight because after dinner, I am going to our church to share with the Young Men and Young Women…what manners they need for dinners and life! Dinner time is just the best and it was where some wonderful conversations went on….all while we had our whole family sitting and sharing a meal around the table.

I love this quote…

Love, Love, Love this one!!! My Kitchen table is so worn out....My house is…:

Night dear friends!



Banner of Spring!

For a few years, I designed the Shop Hop Block for our Quilt Shop.  I would also design with another project out of the Shop Hop fabric for each year. This one year I created this Spring Banner. I loved the 3 Dimensional flowers  and buttons, and of course who can you go wrong with polka dots and gingham?

It’s a fun thing to look at and think about Spring during these cold winter days!shop-hop-banner

Good Night dear friends!

When it snows and winter comes around, all I have to do is look outside to know that 1.There is a God who created everything and 2. He is a creative artist.:

A made a Potholder for me!

My daughter took our family campaign to a new level, she explained it better than I could and she also put one of my favorite photos of my granddaughter  with dirt on her face, and then  added some cute fonts and …there you have it…our family campaign has begun for February. Here is is below…

So today is Day 2 of Love You First 28, what I did for myself today was make this…

.Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Now I really enjoy making gifts! But today, I made something for myself and I really love how it turned out… and I can’t wait to use it!

Here is the campaign…join us if you like! Share the Love with yourself!

Night dear friends!

My family and I have started an awesome February campaign Love YOU First. Through out February find ways to fall in love with yourself. Hard to fully love others when you don’t love you! #loveyoufirstis 28 days of finding one thing each day about yourself that you love or you’ve done to show yourself some love! #loveyoufirst #loveyoufirst28#loveyourself #february #beyourownvalentine #love#showyouloveyou #makeitbig