Some times Life is tough!

Yesterday I ended up at the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office having both of my knees looked at. I totally forgot to talk to him about my elbow, which has really been hurting lately. It seems like a new problems kees coming up since this accident in June. The last few months my elbow and my knees have been getting worse. My knees scare me the most… because it is so hard to go up the stairs and get off the floor when I get down. The last couple of weeks it has gotten worse fast …and so I knew I had to go have it checked out.

The Doctor after seeing  x rays and checking my knees, said that he had seen this often after someone had an accident. So he immediately he said I need to get a MRI done on both knees, so that we can determine what is going on for sure.

I have to admit I got into the car and almost cried. Now I am not sure why exactly, I wasn’t hurting any worse than I was when I went in, but I guess I was discouraged that I might have to have something else done that is going to lay me up for awhile or that the pain might get worse before it gets better, plus to be totally honest with you…I am tired of hurting and tired of going to Dr appointments. ( sorry for the whining )

But when I was talking to my kids about it tonight, one of them sent me this sweet talk ( you can read it in the link below ) and reminded me that everything happens for a reason and that it just means I have some more growing to do. What a blessing to have my sweet kids be grown up now and re-teaching me  and re-reminding me of what I taught them when they grew up.

So tonight, I just feel grateful to be a Mom, and I think I had better continue to keep making these tissue holders…just in case I or someone else might need them!

Good Night dear friends!



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