A made a Potholder for me!

My daughter took our family campaign to a new level, she explained it better than I could and she also put one of my favorite photos of my granddaughter  with dirt on her face, and then  added some cute fonts and …there you have it…our family campaign has begun for February. Here is is below…

So today is Day 2 of Love You First 28, what I did for myself today was make this…

.Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Now I really enjoy making gifts! But today, I made something for myself and I really love how it turned out… and I can’t wait to use it!

Here is the campaign…join us if you like! Share the Love with yourself!

Night dear friends!

My family and I have started an awesome February campaign Love YOU First. Through out February find ways to fall in love with yourself. Hard to fully love others when you don’t love you! #loveyoufirstis 28 days of finding one thing each day about yourself that you love or you’ve done to show yourself some love! #loveyoufirst #loveyoufirst28#loveyourself #february #beyourownvalentine #love#showyouloveyou #makeitbig



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