A quilt for my girl!

Right after I had cancer for the first time, my youngest daughter was really worrying a lot about me. So one day (hoping to get her mind off of things ) I went with her to a new Quilt Shop that had just opened called Gathering Fabrics. The owner after talking to us for awhile offered to let my girl take a free quilting class. It was the perfect thing for her, to help her stop worrying and to be creative, which she loved to be. After that class was over, she was offered one more class…how grateful I was as a Mom that some one would be that generous.

Then years later, Lauren asked me why I didn’t quilt. I tried to explain to her that I quilted for years with my Grandmother, but when I did my own quilts it was usually just blocks and I always tied them… not hand quilt them like my Grandmother did hers.

When Lauren and the other kids were young, I didn’t do as much quilting… as I did making their clothes and bedding. So after seeing how cute her quilts came out, I asked her if she would teach me how to piece a quilt to get certain designs. After she taught me, I got hooked again, and I began to be a regular in the quilt shop.

Just a few years later, I started out doing samples ( grateful that Susan let me bring them in and show them, some of them were not that cute! ) Then a little later… I started teaching there. How grateful I am again for her kindness to me and my daughter.

I think this is what is called Paying It Forward!


So here is the quilt that I made for Lauren before she left for college. Just wanted to make sure that she knew WHOOOOO loved her. As you notice, it is still a quilt made of blocks  (which is always some of my favorite patterns ) but I did stippling my self!

Good night dear friends!

“The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above
Is under a quilt handmade with love.”



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