Remember Whooo Loves You!

I love this sweet happy little owls. I first designed them as a applique and then I thought they would even be cute stuffed…and I think I was right! It has been fun giving these out with as gifts, of course with a cute tag that says “REMEMBER WHOOO LOVES YOU!”


I loved this pattern so much that I decided to use it and change it a bit some to create one of my Granddaughter’s Picnic Quilt.


When my grandkids turn 4-5 years old, I make them a Picnic Quilt, I try to make them big enough for us to have a great picnic on. I also try to get dishes, cups and silverware that matches their quilts. It has been a fun tradition! I will show more of them later!


P.S. This quilt was for my 2nd granddaughter who has a big sister and a little sister whoooo she loves taking care of, that is what I was trying to show with this quilt!

Hope this is a fun idea that you might want to use.



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