My Gratitude Basket Quilt

I have decided instead of trying to come up with cleaver things to write about each day, that I am going to do something a bit different. It is something that seems a lot more comfortable to me. Since lots of people call me a Professional Gift Giver, I thought that I would share with you, things I have made …and the story behind them. After all everyone loves a story.

This quilt started out as a gift of fabrics that were given to my boss at work ( I worked at a Quilt Shop ). One of her long time customers and quilter, had passed away. As her family went through her things they found lots and lots of fabric ( imagine that 🙂 They did not know what to do with it, since none of them sewed or quilted. Still they knew that someone in the Quilting Industry would probably know what to do with it, so my boss  shared some of it with me.

Now this lady died of Cancer and being a 2 time survivor myself, this fabric and this sweet lady… meant a lot to me…even though I had never met her. I realized what this gift meant, to someone who doesn’t sew or quilt…it might have seemed to be just a lot of old fabric, but to their Mother… I can only imagine the love she had for her STASH. Probably hand picked throughout the years for that perfect project.

I decided to make a basket design and make it into a quilt. I was still very new in quilting so I made some mistakes along the way. The biggest one on this quilt is… that I appliqued the baskets and napkins on AFTER I put the whole thing together and quilted it…can you say BACKWARDS? Still I loved how it turned out, next I  asked my sweet daughter to photograph it for me, so we could turn it into a card. I then asked the Quilt Shop owner for the families address so I could mail the card to them. First, I said thanks for the beautiful fabric and then told them that this was a photo of what I made out of it. I told them I was a cancer survivor and a quilter and so I felt a connection with their Mom.

I never heard from them, I hope they got the card. Still when the quilt is hanging in my house, I remember this sweet lady and I say a silent prayer of gratitude …for the chance to still be here on earth with my family and friends. Grateful that I still have good health and continue to sew and create.

Oh and one more thing I almost forgot, that is why I designed this quilt.  The baskets in the quilt remind me of Service and the handkerchiefs hanging out of the baskets, reminds me of my Grandma Johnny and Aunt Maggie. They always had beautiful handkerchiefs in their purses. Both of these ladies were a great example to service to me.

So this is the story of the Basket Quilt!




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