Gifts for Little Cancer Survivors!

When I was dealing with Cancer for the 2nd time, my heart hurt for the children that I saw going through treatments. I wondered how in the world they could be brave enough to face treatment every day. I wondered how the parents heart to handle that too?

So with the help of my family and friend, we created the Recnac Monsters, here is the poem that my sweet niece wrote for me to go with them.
Once upon a time there was a monster under my bed.
So I shivered and screamed and pulled the covers over my head.
All of a sudden, that monster came out–and do you know what he said?
“can I be your friend and sleep with you instead?”
Congratulations! You’ve just adopted a ONCE UPON A TIME MONSTER!
Now you’ll always have a friend to help you be brave and you’ll never be alone again!

It made me think less of my pain when I was creating these for others, as service always does!


So when I saw this story in the paper and it is my friend’s store… I thought I would send a Recnac Monster to Santa ( I know him personally, doesn’t everyone ?) And since I was working this past Saturday….I asked him to give it to Mason himself.

Image result for Kirkland Reporter December 2, 2016

Here is the article!

I read the article HERE:

Bridle Trails Red Apple Market to host fundraiser

Bridle Trails Red Apple Market owner Lori Croshaw is turning her business’s winter open house and Santa Saturday into an opportunity to raise money for neighbors in need.

In June 2012, Mason Gordon, who lives in the neighborhood behind the store with his family, was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has since undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and is in the middle of proton radiation treatment, which his mother, Lindsey Gordon, called a “last resort,” as Mason’s tumor has continued to grow.

“The last couple of months have been the hardest ever,” Lindsey said, adding he recently returned home after spending 33 consecutive days at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Despite all of the treatments, surgeries and hospitalizations over the last few years, Mason, now 11, manages to maintain an upbeat attitude.

“He’s just an incredible kid,” Croshaw said. “He’s got such a good attitude, he’s kind of inspirational; all the employees just love him.”

“He is really positive,” Lindsey added. “He has a really kind of sassy personality.”

The Santa Saturday open house will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dec. 10, with vendors donating some proceeds to Mason and his family to cover medical costs. Starting this Sunday (Dec. 4), the store will sell $1 raffle tickets for prizes to be drawn at the Dec. 10 event, with all the proceeds donated to the same cause. Additionally, donations will be taken at the register throughout the month of December for those who can’t make it to the event.

“It’s just so overwhelming … that they would do something like this,” Lindsey said of the support from Croshaw and the rest of the Red Apple staff. “We live right next door, so (Mason) walks there by himself. He jokes around with (the employees).”

Lindsey set up a Facebook page,, for family, friends and community members to track his progress and offer their support. A GoFundMe page,, was also started by friends of the family and has raised more than $26,000 since January 2013.

“People have been so giving; they’ve been so giving for so long,” Lindsey said. “Lori doing what she’s doing, that’s just amazing. I didn’t ask for that.”



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