Long but Wonderful Day!

Now I can’t show you what all I created these last couple of weeks because…they are on their way to friends and families homes. I braved the lines today at the Post Office, actually not too bad considering it is only the 5th of December. For me that is early, of course I am not completely done but I mailed out 16 packages us today…so I think that is a record for Mother Christmas…that is the nick name that Annabel has given me. She has lived with us for 3 months and she said she always thought I was Mother Christmas but… now she really knows I must be by all the things I create! 🙂Displaying PicCollage.png

After the Post Office run, I put dinner in the crock pot. Next I wrapped up some Egg Nog and some cookie for  a dear young friend of mine. His Mom said that he had had a bad day, so this was a bright spot. You should have seen his face when I brought out the Egg Nog for him…oh to be a kid again and get sooo excited about every little thing!

Then a dear friend came by that was moving and said goodbye. I really don’t like goodbyes but I am so grateful for the chance to meet her and develop this sweet friendship. Still I don’t do well with goodbye!

Last we had 2 young couples over for dinner, what fun setting the table and getting everything ready. They were so fun and then each family had one child. One was 11 months and one was two years old. We really had a great time with those little ones.

So yes it was a busy day and I was so glad that I could get a jump on some of my Christmas presents. Stay tuned…hopefully you will see them soon!

Good Night dear friends!

Don't forget to simplify your life.:







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