So grateful for so many incredible artists!

Tonight we were able to go with some dear friends on a Double Date. We had dinner and then went to Bellevue Festival of the Nativity you can get the information about it HERE:…it was simply amazing!

good friends.jpg

This Nativity is one of the largest seasonal nativity displays in Western Washington.children nativity.jpgnativity on dress.jpgbeaded animalls.jpg

What amazing artist were represented there! The Nativities were simply amazing!

more nativitys 3.jpgGail and I.jpgmore nativitys.jpg

This year they had more than 550 nativities from around the world from 85 countries. The music was unbelievable. We took our granddaughters last year and it truly was one of the best things we did with the girls to get the Christmas Spirit!nativity with Tom and Gail 2.jpg

“May we all make the journey to Bethlehem in spirit, taking with us a tender, caring heart as our gift to the Savior” ~ Thomas S. Monson



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