Stockings and more Stockings!

A few years ago I decided to make homemade stockings for the kids. They were older and of course the only thing that really matter to them was…how big they are 🙂
So I began drawing and designing each one. Now it sounded like a good idea when I first started them, and I loved how they turned out. They sure can hold a lot of goodies 🙂 So I guess I got the size right.
Now their is a lesson to be had with all these stockings, you need to remember when you start something you have to have the time, energy and supplies to make more as your family starts growing.
So I have tried to simplify them as much as I can the last couple of years… in order to get them made for everyone. Just over a year ago we added Miss Oakley to our family. She has been such a sweet addition to our family. Then this summer we were blessed to have a new daughter in law added to our family. We are thrilled to have her and I am working hard to get everyone’s stocking done by Christmas…wish me luck!

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I have to admit when I look at this stockings hanging up in row on the mantle or when the  grandkids come over and look at them, it does my heart good. I love creating and I love doing things for my family that makes them feel special!

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“It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life”

It’s December 1st and I am thankful for my sweet family!  Let me know if you have a some type of Christmas tradition that you have created and share it with me!

Good Night dear friends!






















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