Trying to Make it Matter!

So I know that everyone is beginning to put up photos of their beautiful homes already decorated in Christmas. I would have loved to have sent you a photo of my house all decorated and ready but… it hasn’t happened yet. I put up this photo in hopes that everyone realizes in order to get to that beautifully decorated and organized home…you usually have to go through some mess and disorder! Plus, it usually takes longer than you would think. I am living proof this is true!

I normally just go at full speed when decorating my house. But since I came down with a nasty chest cold ( right before Thanksgiving ) I have not been running on full speed or even at a slow speed. I love all my Christmas decorations and I truly love this season. The last few days I have stopped and done some important things with family and friends. I have stopped decorating and took a nap because I feel so run down. I am trying hard to remember to Make each day Matter. I did make a few bows today, I did get a few more messes cleaned up and I took time to do some reading and even sent something to each one of my kids and their spouses today. I visited with two friends and even made a new friend. So even though my creative abilities only did some outdoor lights with my husband and made a few bows…still I feel like it was a good day.

Stay tuned for beautiful and organized Christmas house photos to come soon!

Good Night dear friends!

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