What a great invention!

One of the best things I have ever purchased a few years ago was this amazing iron by Oliso.

The things I love about it is…
_The iTouch technology is a smart way to minimize the risk of the iron toppling over. When you sit an iron upright on its heel, you are far more likely to knock it off the ironing board than if it is left in a horizontal position. It is also much safer to place it in this position if you have young kids around. And the long auto shut-off – The Oliso TG1600 is perfect for quilters and designers because it has a 30 minute idle time window before the unit goes into shut-off mode.

  • Indicator light – Many irons do have an indicator light but it goes off once the soleplate reaches the desired temperature. Therefore, you won’t know if the iron is operating or otherwise if you have left it standing for a while. But with this Oliso model, the light blinks when it is warming up and turns a solid green when it is ready for use. It turns red when left idle for 30 minutes so that you know it is in sleep mode then. To reactivate, you simply need to touch the handle rather than having to re-plug the unit.

There are other things that I love about it, so  you can check out more details

Now, I know everyone has their favorite tools in their sewing studios, and obviously we all like different things, but I wanted to share with you the things that I really appreciate having in my person sewing studio!

This is the greatest tip I have for you today!

Good Night dear friends!




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