Dreams really do come true!

When you are a young Mom, you are never quite sure what your kids will grow up and do. One of the things our kids liked to do when they were young… was to write stories and then turn them in to books with their beautiful illustrations,
Most of your time as a Mom, you don’t really think a lot about things that far in the future…you are too busy trying to make meals, getting laundry done and driving everyone to and from their busy schedules!

Now that my kids are grown, they have accomplished things that I don’t think I could have ever even imagined!  It is so fun to watch some of their dreams come true, and know that they have many more great things to do!

Our oldest son Brad and his wife Krystal decided to write and illustrate a book.
They got the idea about writing it from Brad’s experience when he lived in the Philippines. I know that things that come from your heart truly mean the most to us, that’s what really matters! 
This book is a great example of that!
I hope that sometime you might get a chance to see the book for yourself!
I love the theme of Giving!

Good night dear friends, and remember to do something that you love everyday and  then share it with someone you love and care about!



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