Think about it Thursday!

When I first started quilting with my Grandmother…she made me hand baste my quilts  together after we sandwiched it. I always thought that was a ton of work. Then years later when I began quilting again, someone told me that they had these really neat safety pins that you could use when pining your quilt sandwich together. So I used that for the first few years that I started quilting again.


Then a few years ago, someone told me that I should try Adhesive Basting Spray! I thought what a great idea. But when I asked an older quilting friend of mine if she used the spray, she said ” absolutely not, I only use pins! “  So I wondered if I should try it or not, since she was a seasoned quilter? But I did and I loved it and now don’t ever use the pins.

Image result for 501 basting spray

So the moral of this post is to maybe Just Think about trying something new with your sewing and quilting projects. I have realized there are a lot of new products out there … that really do make your projects go faster or simpler. This has totally been worth it to me. Give it a try and see what you think !

Good Night dear friends! And remember to do something that you love every day and then share it with a friend!






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