Win Win Wednesday!

I love when you find a news story that is so uplifting and empowering as this one.

You can watch the news story HERE:

Quilting group makes large donation to women’s shelter

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) – Local women are using their talents to make a difference for victims of domestic violence.

We caught up with the “Quiltessas” as they dropped off their handmade works of art at the Turning Point Women’s Shelter.

The volunteer quilting group assembles once a month to piece together “comfort quilts” a few blocks at a time.

“I do think a quilt brings comfort to many people whether it’s a mother with a small child or it’s a veteran or if it’s an older person looking for somebody that cares,” explained Betty Tyree, a leader of the “Quiltessas.”

“It sends a message to them that the community supports them and we have always said that when the communities voice is louder than the abuser that’s when we start to see true change,” said. Jaime Starkey, Social Service Manager at Turning Point.

The group started in 2003 and donates comfort quilts to numerous non-profits across the valley.

I am sure the men and women who donate their time and talents are also blessed by making these wonderful quilts …that are truly are a work of art and of the heart!

That is a win win situation!

quotes about doing good | Shouldn’t the Whole Year be the Giving Season?:


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