Tips and Tools Tuesdays!



Hey everyone. Ok, I have to admit that I didn’t even know that there was a tool out there like this. So when I was making a draw string bag a couple of years ago, . I decide to try the Bodkin, and I have to admit…it is one of my favorite tools. I can’t believe that I have lived so long without one! It saves me so much time. Here are some of the top things that it can do!

  • Thread elastic ribbon and drawstrings quickly and easily without twisting; For easy insertion of elastics and cording
  • Clamp bodkin over elastic slide the ring down to lock into place and thread through casing
  • This tool has special teeth that grip securely and are held tight with a sliding ring

You can find them at your local quilt shops or on line at Amazon!

Now when I do my free Demos, I try to show and share with you… some of my favorite tricks, tips and tools.
So if you aren’t busy on Tuesday December 13th from 11:00 till 2:00 …come to Circa 15 and watch me do my demos!

There is a great group of ladies there and we have a whole lot of fun together!

Good Night dear friends and remember…

“Do something you love everyday and then share it with someone you love”


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