Make it Matter Monday!

When I first came up with the Chicken Soup Quilt, it was when Amy ( our oldest child ) left for college. And she called me when she got sick at school. I was beside myself, how do you take care of one of your kids when they are so far away? This was a first for me as a Mother with a kid in college. I had seen this cute chicken fabric at one of our local store a few months earlier.

One night when I went to bed worrying about Amy, I dreamed about making a Chicken Soup Quilt, one that I could give my kids when they were sick and no matter how far away we were, they would always have their quilt to wrap up in and feel better. Now I wasn’t really into quilting much at all back then, so making this quilt was a huge undertaking and ( I even had lots of help from my friends.)

Inline image 1

It is still one of my favorite quilts, although it is very simple one. It is the story behind it that makes it so special to me. I never liked when my children got sick but…I did love taking care of them and giving them a little Tender Loving Care! So someday when they have their Chicken Soup Quilts wrapped around them, then I will feel like they have a little bit of me…right there beside them!

I think that every quilt has story, I think that every story should be shared with the one that you are giving the quilt to. Stories are important to everyone, stories keep us close and share our love one to another. That is what matters most to me… in every gift I make!

Good Night dear friends!

“And remember to do something you love every day, and then share it with someone you love!”



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