Think about it Thursday!

I am trying to think of all the names I have had for businesses throughout the years… pretty funny that I would have so many, but at the time they seem to be fine. I had one for my Tole Painting classes, another one for Children’s Art classed, then another for my crafting, sewing, and then for my quilting classes.
Just last year when my kids were talking about us starting our business, we were asked again what we all thought the best name would be ( I was told we couldn’t use the last business name I had for my quilting…which was  Mandie and Me Design and I actually liked that name… for I came up with that on my very own 🙂 .
We tried to think of something that wasn’t too long, that people would understand and not wonder what the name meant. We thought long and hard and I just wasn’t coming up with anything that sounded right. Then my oldest son called me and said…”I got your business name!” Then he said “LynnMade” 2 words put together. I at first thought it sounded like lemonade but then as he went on to tell me how he came up with that name then…I loved it!
He shared with me that when he looked at his son’s gifts from me ( my grandson’s ), that they all had Made with Love by Nana, or Nana made it for me tags on them. So he said…” it hit me Mom, you wanted Kai to know that his Nana made the gift and that it was especially made for him”. He went on to say that I was always one to make all my own homemade gifts and he knew how much time and effort I put in them … because the Love I have for my family and friends.
So the name LynnMade was born. Now when I look at it printed up on a business card…I absolutely love it and I am proud to be called a Professional Gift Giver!

LynnMade, fabric, shopping cart, sewing, quilting:

So whether you are just starting your own business or if you are just wanting to know what to have printed on your personalized tags…make sure to take time to Think About It...and then follow your heart from there!o

Good Night dear friends and remember to “Do something  you love every day!



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