Make it matter Monday!

I saw this name tag on Pinterest HERE:.  It was for a Quilting Guild Name Swap. Not sure if they made them for an actual event or not? Still I think the idea is brilliant.

Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild nametag swap:

I would love to have that for everyone that comes to my  class. Because I am noticing as I get older, that it is getting harder and harder to remember people’s names. I feel bad… if I try to remember their name and then end up calling them by the wrong one! My Grandmother warned me this would happen when I got older…”ok , ok, you were right Grandma!” Because I am from the South, many times I just call my ladies …”Hey girl!” Many of my older ladies really like to be called a girl again, but I still wish that I could remember everyone’s name.

I know that having someone mention you by name is a big deal and so I continually work on that, but some times I get my heart racing again..when I see a familiar face and just can’t remember the name that goes with that face! Calling someone by name can totally made a difference in their lives or their day!

But I am working on that and trying hard… because I want these ladies to know that they really matter to me. I don’t just think of them as numbers …coming to my class. I truly feel like they are dear, dear friends to me, and for that …I feel blessed!

I want them to know that they do Matter to me, and that I love sharing our talents together. I love getting to know them and the story of their life! Everyone has a story to tell..

So until I can convince everyone to make and wear one of these darling name tags..I am just going to have to try a little harder and pray.

Good Night dear friends!

PS And remember to make time to do what you love and then share it with a friend!



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