My Favorite Things Friday

Ok, I apologize that this is a day late, I can tell you what is not one of my favorite things is right now…my computer! It is giving me all kinds of trouble and I hate admit this but I am probably going to have to start looking for another one soon! 😦
Anyway…on to my Favorite Things Friday! 🙂

In my Sewing Room, I have a vinyl quote upon my wall! It says ” A few of my favorite things”, I love that quote, because it truly reminds me of the things that are totally my favorites, such as… Brown Paper Packages wrapped up in string!  ( I am sure you all know that song! )

Yes, I love making gifts but I have to admit, one of my all time favorite things is… to wrap them up!  I love the whole presentation of the gift! Yes, it is a process but no matter the size of the gift… I absolutely love it!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

So no matter how big or small your next homemade gift from you is, take a moment to think  of a cute way to package it! Displaying IMG_5129.JPG

Remember it is all about the presentation and making it PERSONAL!

When someone gets a package …and it is packaged with such great love and care, they should know it is from you…without even looking at the tag!

So keep making your favorite things and take extra effort to make it Perfect  with your sweet wrapping and presentation!

And when we start doing Give Aways soon…this is what the winner’s package will look like from LynnMade!

Displaying IMG_4519.JPG


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