Win Win Wednesday

Now I have always loved when you teach someone something, and then they turn around and pay it forward by teaching or sharing with someone else. That is what I call a Win Win situation.
When I read this story about this little boy who wanted to develop a certain talent …just so he could help others, I thought this truly is a Win Win type of story! I can only imagine how proud and happy his parents must be of him.

It is  a wonderful article, I hope you take a minute to read it for yourself!

boy with teddy bears

When Campbell Remess was only nine years old, he asked his parents if they could buy Christmas presents for every kid at their local hospital.

Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t afford to satisfy the request, but Remess was still determined to give back. He decided if he couldn’t buy gifts, he’d make them himself.

Right then and there, he set a goal — he’d make one gift a day for someone in need, all 365 days of the year. And just like that, Project 365 by Campbell was born.

Now, a few years later, Remess has made amazing strides toward his goal. He’s crafted all sorts of different gifts, mostly teddy bears, for kids in hospitals and for gift distribution centers.

He even makes special teddy bears, which he auctions off to raise money for those in need.

Of his inspiration for the project, Remess told LittleThings, “I was sad that kids were in the hospital for Christmas, and I wanted to surprise them and make them smile.”

And make them smile, he certainly has.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to see photos of Remess’s adorable gifts, and learn more about how he’s doing his part to spread joy in his community and beyond.

At just nine years old, Campbell Remess knew he was born to make a difference.

That Christmas, he asked his parents if their family could buy gifts for every child spending the holiday season at their local hospital.

Since Remess’ parents had nine kids of their own to buy presents for, adding more names to the list just wasn’t in the budget.

But that “no” didn’t stop Remess. If he couldn’t buy gifts, he’d just have to make them himself.

His mom told him to go for it, and just like that, Project 365 by Campbell began.

Remess got to work crafting his adorably thoughtful gifts.

He started with simple toys before embarking on his main mission — teddy bears.

He developed his own pattern and spent hours perfecting his design.

When he finally showed his mom, Sonya Whittaker, what he’d created, she was amazed.

She told ABC, “He came down with this funky looking teddy bear that he’d made… it was incredible.

“He’s just sewn and sewn since then.”

Remess’ mom subsequently set up a Facebook page to track her son’s accomplishments and he’s gained quite a following.

One of his biggest fans, Kat, raised $1,000 in just 36 hours to afford him a proper work station, filled with shelves to store all of his beautiful gifts.

Kat told ABC, “He’s such a selfless little boy.

“He does it all off his own back with his pocket money and donations from other people, but asks for nothing in return.

“And to have a special work space set up so he can do that, I thought would be ideal — and now he’s got it.”

Remess and his teddy bears have certainly been spreading beautiful new joy to kids braving all sorts of illnesses and accidents.

Whittaker told LittleThings of one little boy her son gifted a teddy bear to, “He was 4 years old and hit by a motor bike.

“He was reasonably non-responsive with emotion and actions.

“Bumble [Remess’s nickname], took that bear he made him in, and he reacted so big so quickly, the entire room burst into tears at his little smile and interaction.”

Remess added of the experience, “When I took him his bear, he smiled and gave me a fist pump and it was really, really special.”

Since starting this project, Remess has learned all sorts of valuable lessons.

He told LittleThings that he’s learned “how to read patterns and how to sew, overlock and embroider, and that people love things if you make them yourself.”

In the few years now that Remess has been making the teddy bears, he’s expanded distribution to all sorts of different places beyond his local hospital.

Whittaker told LittleThings, “He makes ‘Ouch’ bears, and takes them to Ambulance Tasmania to keep on board to hand to injured kids.”

Not only does this young boy help the kids in his community, but he also makes comfort bears designed for the kids’ parents, as they too deserve something cuddly to hug during their trying experiences.

Since starting his project, Remess has also expanded his reach beyond his community.

He told LittleThings, “I can send bears anywhere to anyone.

“I just sent a little girl a bear. She lives in California, and it was so special to her.”

He’s also sent teddy bears overseas to support victims of various terrorist attacks.

Remess’ project is such a beautiful example of just how powerful a little encouragement can really be.

Whittaker told ABC, “Look at the last three years of experience and practice and skill he’s got…look at what the word ‘yes’ has done.

“Just one simple ‘Yep, knock yourself out’ — and he has.”

Remess is a true inspiration, proving that whoever you are, whatever your means, you can find a way to make a difference in your community.

He told LittleThings, “If you just do a little bit at a time, it makes the world better. Just a little bit each day.”

This young boy hasn’t let any obstacle stand in the way of him spreading joy and cheer in his community and the world beyond.

What do you think of Remess’ adorable teddy bears? Have you ever embarked on a charity project? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

You can follow along and donate to Remess’s Project 365 by Campbell

I found the article here.


And remember to “Do something you love everyday …and then share with others!”


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