Tips and Tools Tuesday

I am always excited when I find a new tip or tool, that helps my creating process go smoother. And I have to laugh… because after I discover it, I am always wondering how I ever lived without it!
The tool I wanted to share with you is actually made by a dear friend of mine. How neat is that? I already knew she was sweet, fun, caring, creative and talented but… now finding out that she designed these…just took her to the next level!!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

They are called Grip and Stitch quilting disks, by Clever Craft Tools. I just love them.
I have always struggled with my hands sliding when I am quilting my projects, often my hands even cramp up because I get so stressed when I am doing my free motion quilting… so these truly are a big help.
I have used quilting gloves some, and I like them when I am doing bigger projects. Still I get frustrated when I have to take them off so often, to thread my machine, change a bobbin or anything else. So when my friend gave me a set of these disks to try… I was thrilled!
I also use them when I am doing applique, it helps me turn my projects easier. It truly does grip the fabric so you don’t have to work as hard.
Here is a photo below of my Grandson and I using them together, he did a great job. They really can help a kid learning to sew, I have noticed when I am tutoring a child, their hands slide around on the fabric and they usually end up pushing or pulling the fabric. These quilting discs help solve that dilemma.


This tool is a must have for any quilter or seamstress. So if someone you knows quilts or sews, this might be just the thing you will want to give to them this Christmas! (Hint, hint)

You can find them Here:

Hope that was helpful and I also hope you will share with me…some of  your favorite tools or tip!
I would love it!


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