Trying to Make it Matter!

So I know that everyone is beginning to put up photos of their beautiful homes already decorated in Christmas. I would have loved to have sent you a photo of my house all decorated and ready but… it hasn’t happened yet. I put up this photo in hopes that everyone realizes in order to get to that beautifully decorated and organized home…you usually have to go through some mess and disorder! Plus, it usually takes longer than you would think. I am living proof this is true!

I normally just go at full speed when decorating my house. But since I came down with a nasty chest cold ( right before Thanksgiving ) I have not been running on full speed or even at a slow speed. I love all my Christmas decorations and I truly love this season. The last few days I have stopped and done some important things with family and friends. I have stopped decorating and took a nap because I feel so run down. I am trying hard to remember to Make each day Matter. I did make a few bows today, I did get a few more messes cleaned up and I took time to do some reading and even sent something to each one of my kids and their spouses today. I visited with two friends and even made a new friend. So even though my creative abilities only did some outdoor lights with my husband and made a few bows…still I feel like it was a good day.

Stay tuned for beautiful and organized Christmas house photos to come soon!

Good Night dear friends!

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What a great invention!

One of the best things I have ever purchased a few years ago was this amazing iron by Oliso.

The things I love about it is…
_The iTouch technology is a smart way to minimize the risk of the iron toppling over. When you sit an iron upright on its heel, you are far more likely to knock it off the ironing board than if it is left in a horizontal position. It is also much safer to place it in this position if you have young kids around. And the long auto shut-off – The Oliso TG1600 is perfect for quilters and designers because it has a 30 minute idle time window before the unit goes into shut-off mode.

  • Indicator light – Many irons do have an indicator light but it goes off once the soleplate reaches the desired temperature. Therefore, you won’t know if the iron is operating or otherwise if you have left it standing for a while. But with this Oliso model, the light blinks when it is warming up and turns a solid green when it is ready for use. It turns red when left idle for 30 minutes so that you know it is in sleep mode then. To reactivate, you simply need to touch the handle rather than having to re-plug the unit.

There are other things that I love about it, so  you can check out more details

Now, I know everyone has their favorite tools in their sewing studios, and obviously we all like different things, but I wanted to share with you the things that I really appreciate having in my person sewing studio!

This is the greatest tip I have for you today!

Good Night dear friends!



Dreams really do come true!

When you are a young Mom, you are never quite sure what your kids will grow up and do. One of the things our kids liked to do when they were young… was to write stories and then turn them in to books with their beautiful illustrations,
Most of your time as a Mom, you don’t really think a lot about things that far in the future…you are too busy trying to make meals, getting laundry done and driving everyone to and from their busy schedules!

Now that my kids are grown, they have accomplished things that I don’t think I could have ever even imagined!  It is so fun to watch some of their dreams come true, and know that they have many more great things to do!

Our oldest son Brad and his wife Krystal decided to write and illustrate a book.
They got the idea about writing it from Brad’s experience when he lived in the Philippines. I know that things that come from your heart truly mean the most to us, that’s what really matters! 
This book is a great example of that!
I hope that sometime you might get a chance to see the book for yourself!
I love the theme of Giving!

Good night dear friends, and remember to do something that you love everyday and  then share it with someone you love and care about!


My favorite things Friday!

doll bed

6 years ago I wrote this…

What are you passionate about?

I love this quote and believe that it is true, it is vital to find something that you feel passionate about, something that makes you happy and excited to be alive. I love what we learn through these passions.

“To have passion, to have a dream, to have a purpose in life. And there are three components to that purpose, one is to find out who you really are, to discover God, the second is to serve other human beings, because we are here to do that and the third is to express your unique talents and when you are expressing your unique talents you lose track of time.”  ~ Deepak Chopra

owl quilt[1]

In the last few years, I have learned to quilt. (This is a quilt that I made for Lauren to have her first year of college.)  I have always loved to sew and so quilting, was the step. I like how it feels to create different pieces of fabric in all shapes, sizes and colors to create a quilt. I love the feeling I get when I give the quilts to a loved one. I hope it is something they will always cherish. I hope that they feel loved, every time that they wrap up in it. Yes, quilting has become one of my passions and has been a very healing art for me, these past few years. I am thankful for my talents, thankful that I have lots left to learn, and thankful for so many loved ones to share my quilts and gifts with.

“One of the things that may get in the way of people being lifelong learners is that they’re not in touch with their passion. If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it.”    ~ Jack Canfield

“A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.”   ~ Chin-Ning Chu

Now here I am years later and still in love with creating things for loved ones. Actually that is what LynnMade is all about. Helping others realize the joy that comes from sharing and giving to others!

My favorite things is to give gifts to others! I love letting others know that they were thought of and loved!

So I hope that you can find something that you are passionate about because it really does make life better!

Good Night dear friends!


Think about it Thursday!

When I first started quilting with my Grandmother…she made me hand baste my quilts  together after we sandwiched it. I always thought that was a ton of work. Then years later when I began quilting again, someone told me that they had these really neat safety pins that you could use when pining your quilt sandwich together. So I used that for the first few years that I started quilting again.


Then a few years ago, someone told me that I should try Adhesive Basting Spray! I thought what a great idea. But when I asked an older quilting friend of mine if she used the spray, she said ” absolutely not, I only use pins! “  So I wondered if I should try it or not, since she was a seasoned quilter? But I did and I loved it and now don’t ever use the pins.

Image result for 501 basting spray

So the moral of this post is to maybe Just Think about trying something new with your sewing and quilting projects. I have realized there are a lot of new products out there … that really do make your projects go faster or simpler. This has totally been worth it to me. Give it a try and see what you think !

Good Night dear friends! And remember to do something that you love every day and then share it with a friend!





Win Win Wednesday!

I love when you find a news story that is so uplifting and empowering as this one.

You can watch the news story HERE:

Quilting group makes large donation to women’s shelter

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) – Local women are using their talents to make a difference for victims of domestic violence.

We caught up with the “Quiltessas” as they dropped off their handmade works of art at the Turning Point Women’s Shelter.

The volunteer quilting group assembles once a month to piece together “comfort quilts” a few blocks at a time.

“I do think a quilt brings comfort to many people whether it’s a mother with a small child or it’s a veteran or if it’s an older person looking for somebody that cares,” explained Betty Tyree, a leader of the “Quiltessas.”

“It sends a message to them that the community supports them and we have always said that when the communities voice is louder than the abuser that’s when we start to see true change,” said. Jaime Starkey, Social Service Manager at Turning Point.

The group started in 2003 and donates comfort quilts to numerous non-profits across the valley.

I am sure the men and women who donate their time and talents are also blessed by making these wonderful quilts …that are truly are a work of art and of the heart!

That is a win win situation!

quotes about doing good | Shouldn’t the Whole Year be the Giving Season?:

Tips and Tools Tuesdays!



Hey everyone. Ok, I have to admit that I didn’t even know that there was a tool out there like this. So when I was making a draw string bag a couple of years ago, . I decide to try the Bodkin, and I have to admit…it is one of my favorite tools. I can’t believe that I have lived so long without one! It saves me so much time. Here are some of the top things that it can do!

  • Thread elastic ribbon and drawstrings quickly and easily without twisting; For easy insertion of elastics and cording
  • Clamp bodkin over elastic slide the ring down to lock into place and thread through casing
  • This tool has special teeth that grip securely and are held tight with a sliding ring

You can find them at your local quilt shops or on line at Amazon!

Now when I do my free Demos, I try to show and share with you… some of my favorite tricks, tips and tools.
So if you aren’t busy on Tuesday December 13th from 11:00 till 2:00 …come to Circa 15 and watch me do my demos!

There is a great group of ladies there and we have a whole lot of fun together!

Good Night dear friends and remember…

“Do something you love everyday and then share it with someone you love”

Make it Matter Monday!

When I first came up with the Chicken Soup Quilt, it was when Amy ( our oldest child ) left for college. And she called me when she got sick at school. I was beside myself, how do you take care of one of your kids when they are so far away? This was a first for me as a Mother with a kid in college. I had seen this cute chicken fabric at one of our local store a few months earlier.

One night when I went to bed worrying about Amy, I dreamed about making a Chicken Soup Quilt, one that I could give my kids when they were sick and no matter how far away we were, they would always have their quilt to wrap up in and feel better. Now I wasn’t really into quilting much at all back then, so making this quilt was a huge undertaking and ( I even had lots of help from my friends.)

Inline image 1

It is still one of my favorite quilts, although it is very simple one. It is the story behind it that makes it so special to me. I never liked when my children got sick but…I did love taking care of them and giving them a little Tender Loving Care! So someday when they have their Chicken Soup Quilts wrapped around them, then I will feel like they have a little bit of me…right there beside them!

I think that every quilt has story, I think that every story should be shared with the one that you are giving the quilt to. Stories are important to everyone, stories keep us close and share our love one to another. That is what matters most to me… in every gift I make!

Good Night dear friends!

“And remember to do something you love every day, and then share it with someone you love!”


My Favorite Things Friday

One of my favorite things is to have the wrapping of the gift, be as nice as the gift itself!
We decided that we needed some cute wrapping …anytime we sent a package out from LynnMade. We decided to do use “brown paper packaging wrapped up in string”, I know you can almost hear a song coming on 🙂

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The brown paper is just vintage looking, the card is a cute die cut from Sizzix. Then the flowers and the tags are also die cuts from Sizzix. I love how simple and sweet they are… and then the cute calligraphy… is by my dear daughter Amy! I have some talented kids! I am so grateful for all of their help with LynnMade.

If you haven’t used die cuts from Sizzix or ever used a Big Shot Machine, then you need to look it up! I will show it to you on my next Friday’s post!

Good Dear Friends!

And remember to do something that you love every day, and then share it with someone you love!

Think about it Thursday!

I am trying to think of all the names I have had for businesses throughout the years… pretty funny that I would have so many, but at the time they seem to be fine. I had one for my Tole Painting classes, another one for Children’s Art classed, then another for my crafting, sewing, and then for my quilting classes.
Just last year when my kids were talking about us starting our business, we were asked again what we all thought the best name would be ( I was told we couldn’t use the last business name I had for my quilting…which was  Mandie and Me Design and I actually liked that name… for I came up with that on my very own 🙂 .
We tried to think of something that wasn’t too long, that people would understand and not wonder what the name meant. We thought long and hard and I just wasn’t coming up with anything that sounded right. Then my oldest son called me and said…”I got your business name!” Then he said “LynnMade” 2 words put together. I at first thought it sounded like lemonade but then as he went on to tell me how he came up with that name then…I loved it!
He shared with me that when he looked at his son’s gifts from me ( my grandson’s ), that they all had Made with Love by Nana, or Nana made it for me tags on them. So he said…” it hit me Mom, you wanted Kai to know that his Nana made the gift and that it was especially made for him”. He went on to say that I was always one to make all my own homemade gifts and he knew how much time and effort I put in them … because the Love I have for my family and friends.
So the name LynnMade was born. Now when I look at it printed up on a business card…I absolutely love it and I am proud to be called a Professional Gift Giver!

LynnMade, fabric, shopping cart, sewing, quilting:

So whether you are just starting your own business or if you are just wanting to know what to have printed on your personalized tags…make sure to take time to Think About It...and then follow your heart from there!o

Good Night dear friends and remember to “Do something  you love every day!