Heading to Texas to create some more!

How grateful I am… that we get to see our two sweet grandchildren in Texas soon! Oh how I miss them!
I love creating for and with them. Since my grandson Kai has been big enough, he has always loved to create with me. It is hard living so far away … so I try to savor every minute with him and little Miss Oakley ( who will start creating with Nana soon).

When I first started working in a Quilt Shop 7 years ago, I wondered what in the world I would have to teach these sweet ladies who had created so many incredible quilts already? The work they did was sooo amazing, I truly thought…”what do I have to offer?” Then I realized that I could teach them how to make GIFTS, gifts for family, friends, neighbors or just to those in need ( maybe someone that they had never met before).

+Charity is truly the best medicine for anyone. No matter how bad you life is, if you serve others…you start feeling better. Why is that?
Because while we serve others, we realize many times the blessings we do have in our lives and we have more empathy for others. We forget even if it is for a minute …our troubles and start feeling better because we are giving.
So I am grateful to have the chance to be a Gift Giver. I love putting my heart and soul into the things I make for those loved ones around me. It makes me happy to know that they feel love when they see the gifts I made for them. It is a part of me that I really love giving away!
So try and remember that anyone can be a Gift Giver, and also remember who much it helps you as it does them.

Need to go and start packing up new ideas for my grandson and I to make while we are together, and to pack in things I already made for my sweet granddaughter.

Good Night dear friends!

Wow. I don't think I've ever thought about prayer and serving in this way before. So true.:

PS Remember to do something you love ….every day!



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